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WTSH grant for biosciences innovation

Kiel, 09.12.2010: The "Business Development and Technology Transfer Corporation of Schleswig-Holstein (WTSH)" awards innovation grant to SciEngines.

SciEngines, based in Kiel, Germany, is happy to announce that this "Zukunftsprogramm Wirtschaft (ZPW)" grant will enable crucial innovation and application of SciEngines' FPGA-computing technology to the area of biosciences. Researchers thus receive access to a revolutionary hardware that supplies hundreds to thousands of regular computers performance at a fraction of the price (<30%) and running costs (<10%) of comparable CPU-based systems. The annual electricity savings alone can easily exceed the total investment and, for strained academic budgets as well as ROI conscious businesses, SciEngines FPGA-computers can be an unexpected boon that allows new, innovative approaches to computational analysis challenges.


SciEngines' background is in the area of cryptanalysis / IT-security with academic, business and government clients around the world. But, modern science is nearly as compute-intensive and the company's technology is set to become a key strategic asset also in this field. The superior efficiency and scalability of the new RIVYERA FPGA-computers provides completely new options for high performance IT infrastructures in a variety of fields, of which especially the dynamically growing segment of computational biology for next generation sequencing is promising. "We are very grateful for the great cooperation with the WTSH, which allows us to undertake such a promising innovation project" states Gerd Pfeiffer, CEO of SciEngines.

For further information on SciEngines products, biosciences solutions and cooperation possibilities, please visit respective sections of the website or contact us directly. For additional information on the "Business Development and Technology Transfer Corporation of Schleswig-Holstein (WTSH)", please visit their web-presence.


Media Contact: Tim Pietruck (Vice President, Customer Solutions) - timpietruck {at} sciengines {dot} com