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Growing with your application: RIVYERA-UPLINK

RIVYERA-UPLINK, is a full backplane bandwidth machine-interconnection feature, which is shipping with all RIVYERA. UPLINK allows a logical and physical expansion of your machine without the need to modify your algorithms.

Ever thought about a 512 FPGA CLUSTER or more? With less than 2.5 kW power consumption and (for specific algorithms) more than 75'000 CPUs performance? No problem, just directly connect 4 RIVYERA through UPLINK and you get one 12 HU machine with full backplane bandwidths from the first to the last FPGA.

UPLINK allows your RIVYERA to grow with your applications and you do not even have to modify your algorithms to profit from UPLINK. It scales seamlessly and algorithms, which are using our framework, are automatically distributed and scaled through the available machines.



Bandwidth first to last FPGA No. of FPGAs No. of HU kWatts**
full backplane bandwidth 128 3 HU 0.6
full backplane bandwidth 512 12 HU 2.4
full backplane bandwidth 1024 24 HU 4.8
full backplane bandwidth 1792 42 HU
(full size rack)
full backplane bandwidth 3584 two(full size racks) 16.8


  • full backplane bandwidth in all set-ups
  • you can even start with a single FPGA card of 8 FPGAs
  • the sky is the limit


**COPACOBANA RIVYERA R2 based architectures