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Financing services available

Do you require additional processing power while having to deal with budget cuts? Are you considering the total cost of ownership and woud now like to find the best solution to lower investment while saving electricity cost?

To help achieve those goals, several options for financing SciEngines' innovative hardware are available. Within selected countries, the possibilities to rent equipment as well as leasing-options provide even more flexibility to users of reconfigurable high-performance computers. Rates start at a low 199€ per month* and we are happy to work with you to find a solution that fits your requirements.

Please keep in mind that the electricity cost of standard hardware will already be higher than the total cost of SciEngines FPGA computers.


For more information, please visit our financing services section or contact us directly.


*Dependent on selected hardware and rating of customer. Potentially applicable VAT excluded. Specific terms and conditions may apply.