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SciEngines offers FPGA computers and clusters for high performance computing applications. Single machines with 8 to 256 FPGAs are available, as well as large-scale FPGA clusters with hundreds or thousands of FPGAs.

The first generation of massively parallel FPGA-computers had been the COPACOBANA series and provided 120 Spartan-3 1000 or Virtex-4 SX35 FPGAs. With an application-specific, yet reconfigurable approach, it had proven a break-through in computing infrastructure for applications with low data transfer rates and high processing requirements.

Computers and clusters of the new RIVYERA family have an improved bus, an option for additional memory and are fully scalable. They are equipped with 16 to 256 FPGAs per computer, 128 being the standard. One rack fits up to 2560 FPGAs and there is no limitation for scaling it even further - with a performance that easily surpasses the world's leading general purpose supercomputers.

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