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SciEngines TriCore-FPGA-KIT

This unique kit combines a Xilinx ML507 Virtex-5 FX70T with the Infinion TriCore TC1797. It offers 2 seperate FPGA driven CAN-bus Interfaces and a slim VHDL API. The TriCore kit is designed according to evita specifications.


This development system is currently provided "AS-IS". Please visit this site for software updates.



SciEngines TriCore FPGA Kit

What's Included
  • ML507 platform
  • Xilinx Platform Cable
  • TC1797 platform
  • SciEngines Adapter Board
  • DVI adapter
  • CompactFlash Card
  • Development tools and PC download cable are not included and must be ordered separately
  • SATA cross-over cable



Datasheet (pdf)


Key Features Xilinx ML507
  • XC5VLX50TFFG1136

  • DDR2 SODIMM (256 MB)

  • ZBT SRAM (1 MB)

  • Linear Flash (32 MB)

  • System ACE™ CF technology (Compact Flash)

  • Platform Flash

  • SPI Flash

  • JTAG Programming Interface

  • External Clocking (2 Differential Pairs)

  • USB (2) – Host and Peripheral

  • PS/2 (2) – Keyboard, Mouse

  • RJ-45 – 10/100/1000 Networking

  • RS-232 (Male) – Serial port

  • Audio In (2) – Line, Microphone

  • Audio Out (2) – Line, Amp, SPDIF, Piezo Speaker

  • Rotary Encoder

  • Video Input

  • Video (DVI/VGA) Output

  • Single-Ended and Differential I/O Expansion

  • GPIO DIP Switch (8), LEDs (8), and Pushbuttons (5)

  • MII, GMII, RGMII, and SGMII Ethernet PHY Interfaces

  • PCI Express® Edge Connector (x1 Endpoint)

  • GTP: SFP (1000Base-X)

  • GTP: SMA (RX and TX Differential Pairs)


  • GTP: PCIe™

  • GTP: SATA (Dual Host Connections)

  • GTP Clock Synthesis Chips

  • Header for 2nd Serial Port

  • 2nd Platform Flash PROM (32 Mb) for large device

  • Mictor Trace Port

  • BDM Debug Port

  • Soft Touch Port


Key Features TriCore board
  • Infineon’s TC1797 Controller

  • Burst Flash up to 16MBytes

  • asynchronous SRAM up to 1MByte

  • FlexRay Transceivers (optional if not with TC1797)

  • High Speed CAN Transceivers

  • USB to UART bridge

  • Crystal 20MHz (default), Oscillator or External Clock

  • USB miniWiggler for easy debugging

  • 8 Low Power Status LEDs

  • 8-DIP switches for configuration


Target Applications
  • Markets: Industrial, Telecom / Datacom, Medical, Industrial, Military / Aerospace

  • Applications: Data Transmission and Manipulation, Serial Connectivity, Digital Video, Bus Interface, High Speed Design



    Designed to meet evita project specifications