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IT Consulting for HPRC

We lend you a helping hand for planning and implementing a high performance reconfigurable computing (HPRC) environment. In case that our core team can't reliably provide a leading-edge solution on its own, we will be happy to work with our network of qualified partners in the community of reconfigurable parallel computing, cryptography, scientific computing and algorithmic design to do so.

In case that you are looking for custom development of hardware, IP Cores or hardware-software solutions, please visit our custom solutions section for a detailed overview of our offering.


Training in Reconfigurable Computing

Due to the high performance gains possible, when programming efficiently, SciEngines is happy to provide training courses for reconfigurable computing, with a special focus on SciEngines COPACOBANA and RIVYERA architectures. During these 1-week courses held in Northern Germany, either the basics of VHDL coding or advanced approaches for optimizing reconfigurable computing architectures (software as well as hardware related) will be covered. At the end of the courses, attendees are able to utilize Field Programmable Gate Arrays to greatly accelerate their algorithms and write code in VHDL.

Training in special topics will occur in irregular intervals together with strategic partners at various locations around the globe. These can range from training in cryptanalysis on FPGAs to high-level software tools for programming.


The different courses are suitable for professional software developers, as well as scientists and cryptology professionals with some prior C or C++ knowledge.


Should this be of interest for you, simply contact us by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or watch our news section for announcements.